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The ones I don't believe are the guys who are like: Vaccines and Autism hooey that persists to this day. If you are in the latter category, don't use the locker room or use it but don't shower. Are the locker rooms and showers mixed or Once you get to the shower area, there are usually hooks in an area near the stalls, right outside the communal shower room or sometimes in the shower room on the wall opposite the shower heads.

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Them briefly seeing your body across the room while you're showering or changing is OK, but any situation where your unclothed body is less than, say, 2 yards away from the kids, or where you make eye contact with kids while you're nude, is sketchy.

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Locker Room Shower

I mean, it's either that or a soggy towel. Watch them revealing their big dicks and butts while the cameras record the interview. If management is aware of the situation, is willing to take responsibility for kids in the locker room while adults are going about their own business, and is willing to stand up to parents who come barreling in there to scream about virgin eyes, then that is culture-changing. After the beach we got some studios shots and video. Once you start then you'll find it normal and quite a liberating experience. I think he should protect himself. DO NOT step on the floor anywhere there if you have the slightest issue with "athlete's fungus".

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in locker man nude room shower
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in locker man nude room shower
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  1. i really wish they hadnt gone with this idotic premise, i'd prefer to hear a interview, i have trouble staying hard listning to this idiots voice,