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Fortunately for Goldsmith, LA Clippers star Blake Griffin had been enjoying a drink at a table when he witnessed the altercation and stepped in Witnesses at the scene reported that Griffin tried to calm Bieber but the Biebs wasn't having any of it. In every war including the one we just fought we had the distinct, we were distinctly flattered that Saddam Hussein buried his airplanes in the dirt rather than come up and face the air power of the United States of America, and it's a good thing he did because we would have kicked his ass. He was sold to America as a star who could really kick butt. All movies should be like that! Whoa, check out that kickass bike. Ass, Lol, and Meme:

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There was more yelling, and some pushing and that's when Griffin smacked Bieber, knocking him to the floor, "He smacked the shit out of him said one witness, "then I saw Justin stumble out of the door looking like he was crying.

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Guy Drops The N Word, Gets Ass Kicked By Middle Aged Woman

If you kick assyou do something in a very impressive and exciting way. Here are his tweets, which we've condensed to make it easier to read than a Twitter thread: That was a real kick-ass party you had the other night! Leo sued for pounds 30m over attack. That move kicked ass!

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she kicks his ass
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