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In the same sense of an elbow or a kneethe attacking wrestler strikes the opponent using one or both forearms. Sorry for my poor English. A short-arm variation is also possible. Retrieved August 28, It shows a purse grabber who gets taught a lesson.

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Asian mist can come in almost any color, but the most common one used is green.

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Also known as reverse elbow, sees the wrestler giving the back with to a standing or running opponent, and then striking with the back of the elbow to the opponent's face, neck or chest. Many of the moves below can also be performed from a raised platform the top rope, the ring apron, etc. The wrestler then jumps down off the ropes, delivering a bionic elbow to the opponent's head, neck if the opponent's neck is bent-down or sideways or the shoulder. When the wrestler is in close range of the opponent, they are free to use the momentum of the handspring combination to leap backwards and strike with either a back-elbow, a back-thump, a dropkick or any other convenient attack. Retrieved from " https: In this attack a wrestler uses a three-point stancethen runs and clotheslines the opponent. This attack is usually done with the opponent charging towards the wrestler, using the opponent's momentum to deliver the wrestler's sole to the upper-body or head.

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asian girl elevator suplex
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asian girl elevator suplex

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