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I didn't know this about her, I've watched her stuff and found it funny for years, but not like consistently to have seen every single video. She was definitely a different personality around the time she made her Nicki Minaj and sluts videos. It all sounds good and all, seems like everyone here loves her. Thanks for this, OP. The report also bucks the strangers-in-dark-alleys narrative common to televised crime dramas:

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I did have some questions that I wanted to discuss, like if her Nicki Minaj video is truly blackface if she didn't darken her skin, and if her music video was cultural appropriation because it seemed to mock rap music videos, and I wish I added those so this was an open ended discussion rather than me on a soapbox.

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I've never seen a post specifically talking about any of the negative aspects of Jenna's past, just a few comments that were vague think "Jenna is racist" and downvoted. Would be cool to see this sub mellow out a bit when it comes to the proverbial tar and feathering that occurs daily in this sub. The only reason she changed her act was because a it stopped being cool and b she was losing her audience. If Jenna posted a video right now and slut shamed someone, then yes I think she should apologize for it publicly and tell people why it was wrong to say, but she doesn't need to publicly apologize for something from as long as she isn't constantly denying or making excuses for it, like Jeffree Star does with his racism and bullying. This includes asking for advice on how to become a BG.

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