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This happens involuntarily as a natural process and the man cannot prevent it from occurring. When the united Miillerian ducts reach the sinus urogenitalis they push the thin layer of epitheUum Uning the sinus forward, and by so doing they make this epithelium even thinner than before. In the majority of instances, however, the formation of atresia dates back to earlier years of life. Ackeren first described rests of the Wolffian ducts along the entire length of the vagina, and Klein,'" indemonstrated in serial sections the course of the Wolffian ducts at either side of the vagina and the termination of these ducts in the hymen. The cysts may contain detritus and epithelium, or a homogeneous, yellowish-brown, jelly-like substance, or else a watery fluid. Last edited on May 1, 6:

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These sections were taken from the genitals of the newborn and of a girl, aged four and one-half years. She came to the hospital with the symptoms of hematocolpos, which an examination revealed to have been caused by an imperforate hymen. In women after defloration in whom the hymen is well preserved aside from one or two lateral lacerations, the hymeneal lips may be pressed or pierced without pain. Beneath this lie layers of more or less dense connective tissue with well-developed papillae and numerous capillaries, in some cases combined with smooth muscle fibers. The formation of a lumen proceeds from above downward, and this canalization corresponds with the curve of the ducts themselves with its concavity anterior.

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