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Historically, all hairdressers were considered barbers. It was just more of publicity stunt. The cost of barber school varies from state to state, and also from metro area to metro area. So I thought, what? No it's hard, it's quite difficult because there's certain parts of the leg, like around the knee, that are very hard to shave. Yeah, Yeah, like give up your phone number to a guy who wants to shave your legs. If you ask Andrew Lindley, the women succeeded in building a brand that delivers just that feeling.

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I did 33 different clients.

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Barbering is in Their Blood

I've always been a leg man. In the US, barber training is carried out at "Barber Schools". Addy is one of them. In the beginning of barber schools, only the practical work of shaving, hair-cutting, facial treatments, etc. We can tell you how we took ten steps in the wrong direction, and maybe you want to try this path instead.

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girl barber chair shaved
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girl barber chair shaved
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