Ludachris i wanna lick

The mixtape was released on November 19, Retrieved from " http: Trina and Foxy Brown I wanna lick lick lick lick you from your head to your toes. You know what I need Somebody who can come and lick the clit And a nigga who ain't thinking about a Trina LP And I'll bet who gonna get my shit Who can go from a fly S Jetta To a coupe Deville Hotel telly ho or the Beverly Hills A real nigga not the regular meals Coming straight in make me shoot to kill From the kitchen you can moon me To the Jacuzzi and knock the booty Come and do your duty Me and fat dick Ludacris making us a movie Butt naked in the bed Cash Make ya studda when you bang my ass Damn baby let my ride Shit thing of the past Bye bye Cause I'm a bad bitch And I'm up to this Having sex in private jets Menage e trois Getting buck wild no matter where we are Indy in the back of the car In a dark ass tunnel In the back of the bar Never walk never ever wanna leave Work wit me like the league over seas I want a man to fulfill my needs Keep my body trimblin And buckle my knees. I wanna get you in the bedroom all alone While your boyfriend is on the phone Hold ya mouth and he can here ya moan Tell ya man that his girl is grown Kitchen counter Neighbors look This the way she like to cook Blind fold hot sauce I'm gonna knock them socks off College dorm Sneak in Fly em out for the weekend College park after dark It's a whole lot of freakin Elevator Man stop that shit Range Rover Man drop that shit Dressing room man block that shit Head board Man knock that shit Me and Trina in the Beamer We got the Karma Sutra Dame' cocha Y no me diga's Que no Te gusta It's not what they use to As Shanna Shanna Make it wet Ludacris and I'll make em sweat Then I'll pass em a cigarette. The original version features Disturbing tha Peace member Shawnnawho is featured in the tenth. Foxy Brown You gotta lick-li-li-lick me from my ass to my clit And you gotta s-suck the pussy while I sit on your dick And I wanna talk some shit while the feel it get stiff And rub-a-dub up on my tits, while I nu-nu-nut on your lips I'm a B-K bitch, luv to ride dick, ass in his face, cock spread out Nigga up town, nigga down south, same old shit, puss in his mouth F-O-X, call me rough sex, pussy when this bitch get ride on X Get it huh ride on X, fuck em

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What's Your Fantasy?

I wanna lick, lick, lick, lick you from your head to your toes And I wanna move from the bed down to the floor And I wanna Ah Ah You make it so good I don't want to leave But I got to know what's your fantasy You gotta lick me from my ass to my clit And you gotta suck the pussy while I sit on ya dick And I wanna talk some shit while I feel it get stiff Rubba dub up on my tits While I nut on your lips. Desktop Google Chrome Windows 8. We gon break somethin tonight Ohh see get on your knees and I'll show you What my fantasy Like up in the coupe coupe Tell yo bitch she ain't got to be mad at me. This is a requirement of our licensing agreement with music Gracenote. Retrieved 24 March Pharrell Williams Representing feat.

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