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But ugly girls are the best because they have to try harder. It is far easier to have a good time with a skilled person than an unskilled person, no matter how pretty they are. Watching her suck my cock makes my cock hurt because it throbs beyond its size, her lips working on me makes me love her even more. You have to feel intimacy and comfortable with your partner. Probably neither could a finger. It is, therefore, necessary to have good chemistry with your partner.

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Moral of the story… the brain is the biggest sex organ.

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Besides that, they'll makes me feels more arousal than other average looking women. I have had subpar sex with women who were certifiable stunning, the kind it is very hard not to look at, and when out in public, necks all around will twist - not just by my peers but by other women. By the same token although a vagina may be very sensitive at the opening once a penis is inside it I very much doubt you could tell whether the penis belongs to an attractive or unattractive man. But there is another side to the story. The basis of this is while the sex act is physical, the full sexual experience is a combination of both mental and physical connection. Probably neither could a finger.

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  1. Guided tour of Miss Caty Cole's pussy, what's not to like? Great job that man, whoever you are!