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You're right that Setsuna feels she has to suffer as an atonement for what she has done. You will be redirected back to your article in seconds. If you think Kaz is the bad person, you know nothing! I've both lost pets, and known others who have, and there's a significant difference between being very sad and being traumatized by it. A good, classic romantic triangle needs a satisfying conclusion.

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I really really really really hope that they will do closing chapter.

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White Album 2 ~Closing Chapter~

Here it manifests in her insistence in dragging Haruki to Narita to try and find Kazusa before she leaves, despite his preference to let things lie. John December 29, at 1: It was the perfect note on which to end. This summary is very concise, has plenty of citations and the writers even make videos talking about it. This is what I said way back in October, when I blogged the premiere of this series:. Been looking for this since the anime. Sep 25, 2.

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