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A creamy, non-foaming face wash that cleanses gently. Your skin not only feels clean, but soft. Even using our top pick for dry skin CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser in all its hydrating glory requires a moisturizer afterward. Kerry Benjamin, aesthetician and founder of Stacked Skincaresays the tools you use and your approach to the cleansing process are equally as important as the product. In fact, one five-year study funded by the FDA found that fragrance is the leading cause of allergic reactions to cosmetics.

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We preferred pumps and tubes to bar soap and tubs.

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The Best Face Wash

I want to agebackwards. But for being so gentle, we were surprised to find that it removed all of our makeup. Even though I remove all of my makeup with a facial wipe before I wash my face, I still want a cleanser that removes all traces of makeup and deeply cleans my pores. Over and over again, experts told us that dry skin needs a non-foaming, hydrating cleanser. We tested our remaining 17 contenders on both naturally dry and naturally oily skin, with testers looking for the following:. If you are looking for a glycolic acid cleanser this is one you need to try. You can read about our favorites.

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facial cleanser for mature skin
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facial cleanser for mature skin
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