Masturbate on period

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It can disrupt vaginal pH levels and healthy bacteria populations, which can lead to infections 9— Unfortunately, taboos about masturbation can condition people to feel shameful about doing it. This artist has created a period themed colouring book to start the conversation around menstruation. Do you notice increased arousal during your period? Skip to main content.

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Are there any risks?

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Everything You Need to Know About Masturbating During Your Period

You tend to release around 30ml to 40ml of blood throughout the course of menstruation. It helps you fall asleep While you might not normally experience insomnia, the 85 percent of women who suffer from premenstrual syndrome or PMS have a difficult time falling asleep during their period. No risk of pregnancy which there is when you have period sex with a partnerno risk of STIs, absolutely no bad outcomes apart from potential stains. What about using a tampon or menstrual cup? Likewise, studies show that masturbation — or sexual activity in general — can help treat migraines and headaches.

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masturbate on period
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masturbate on period
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