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In an email, Lautakoski said he believed the edit was fair. At least it's an option. Scott skins a deer carcass covered in files and decides to use some of the hide to make some sturdy shoe material. Laura vs Nick was the highlight of the episode the producers kinda ruined it kicking her off the show nakedandafraid. Laura Zerra Primitive survivalist, hunter, nomad. Laura's previous jobs have included mushroom hunter, taxidermist, farrier, butcher, and survival instructor.

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In an email, Lautakoski said he believed the edit was fair.

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Laura Zerra

He still cherishes his friendship with Kaila and would do it all over again. Unable to dry her feet for days, Kaila's skin begins to show signs of trench foot. We're Obsessed with Music. In her spare time, she began studying bow building, ethnobotanical plant uses, and tracking. After a rough challenge, Duck does not recommend sleeping naked in the jungle.

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naked and wild laura
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naked and wild laura
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