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With Jyn Erso onboard the ARC your extra action could be to throw Biggs another 3 Focus tokens, or to set a target lock and use M9-G8 to start nerfing your opponents attacks. At first I had been the youngest person in the store, surrounded by beer guts and beards, but by the time I was finished with Games Workshop five or six years later I was more likely to be the oldest. Should I recount to you my dreaded Harlequin army? In the Chewbacca build I'm paying a lot of points to add options to my Falcon, instead of paying to simply do everything without having to choose. The boat owners pick and chose which Flotilla they wish to attend based on a lot of factors with the weather being the primary one. Yes, Expertise gives Chewbacca a Focus on attack but that was only when not stressed, which Asajj Ventress did a good job of shutting down. Shaved twink bent over.

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That Expertise worked without me taking an action meant I could modify her dice up to hits even after bumping. I played four games with this list in the evening, including two more games against Bob's 'Paratanni' list that had summarily dismissed the Chewbacca list in the final round of the tournament. Typically those Kanan Jarrus builds will spend more points on an expensive Twin Laser Turret and try to play keep-away with the opponent, while the Lothal Rebel is much more interested in heading towards the opponent and using his big front gun. I plunged into my local playgroup headfirst, bringing the discipline and energy that had pushed Neil and I to success in Magic into a new game that was almost entirely unprepared for that sort dedicated approach. Thankfully none of my old writing still exists because it would read like the slow descent into self-absorbed mania and ranting self-justification that I'm sure it was. I'm not hugely excited by this list but I think it's better than the one I used in the tournament, and it still fits the wacky bombing shenanigans in.

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