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As always I find your writing to be inspiring and informative, especially the comments from all the other women and men my age and beyond. After reading about the problems that others have, I think we are both very fortunate. Women, however, lucky girls, get to do just that. Age is simply a number. We are both past the point of sexual gymnastics.

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Don't worry; it returns to normal size by six months after delivery.

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Oldest people

Although she was worshipped as the goddess of love, Inanna was not the goddess of marriage, nor was she ever viewed as a mother goddess. Men can have the uncomfortable feeling that women are mind readers or psychics, Brizendine said. Here are 10 things every woman-loving man should know. The eight-pointed star was Inanna-Ishtar's most common symbol. During the Pre-Sargonic era, Inanna had virtually no cult, [11] but, after the reign of Sargon, she quickly became one of the most widely venerated deities in the Sumerian pantheon. I cannot use hormones.

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