Christian therapist thoughts on masturbation

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The universality of masturbation at least for males does not make it right. The people who could most easily help, married Christian men, especially doctors, who have been through this experience, seem reluctant to relieve the burden on the following generations, despite the fact that they know masturbation caused no harm to them or their marriages, other than the anxiety of guilt feelings at the time. It is not a grave sin, not nearly as serious as pride And then there are times where it is honestly innocent. The Bible does not mention it at all and so there can be no specific biblical prohibition as Peter Saunders himself acknowledged.

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And that conversation is honestly the best argument I have for not masturbating.

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A Biblical Perspective on Masturbation

Arguments from silence are never conclusive. Dealing with masturbation is uncomfortable. Some people point to the story of Onan, who was struck dead after he used the withdrawal method to avoid impregnating his widowed sister-in-law true story: Hereby an unnecessary and, let us be honest, unmanageable burden is placed on young men. Human Sexuality and its Problems.

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christian therapist thoughts on masturbation
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christian therapist thoughts on masturbation
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3 thoughts on “Christian therapist thoughts on masturbation

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