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Peel Diana Rigg today - she was fantastic and really put The Avengers on the map. She has appeared on the Club numerous times over the past 25 years. I liked Tiffany wells in the second half of season 4. Jackson went on to produce other series and TV projects, she was a huge success. I remember in the book "The Nashville Chronicles: But Jaclyn was so beautiful, even moreso than Farrah.

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When Kate met Tanya.

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Who Was The Worst Charlie's Angels Replacement Actress?

I recently thought my cable provider had dropped it, too -- and even called them to complain -- but turns out they had just given it a new channel number. R, that would have been funny. I think both the Landers sisters are right wing cunts now to top it off. A role where her stiff acting style pays off. R, I believe R is correct -- the season 5 premiere was set in Hawaii, Tiffany had taken off for New York, and Kelly and Kris met Julie along the way when they were working that episode's case. Smith and Ladd could were anything Hack couldn't. I guess I can kinda sorta see what they were going for -- an "untrained professional" using her street smarts in a line of work in which she has absolutely no experience whatsoever.

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  1. I was like why is this all super close up and wide frame then I realized oh it`s virtual lol .