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To make the switch, simply ask to speak to the charge nurse and ask to have a different nurse take over your care. You don't have to wear the gown: Wondering how your labor and delivery will go? Many hospitals have a policy that pregnant women can consume only clear liquids during labor, especially if an epidural is planned. Most people choose to wear the gown because it's easier, but you can wear your own clothes, if you prefer.

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Also, talk to your provider before delivery day so you're on the same page before you head into the hospital.

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If you're concerned about not having access to nourishment while doing the incredibly physical work of labortalk to your provider to find out her thoughts on eating during labor, and learn the policy of your intended birth place. Maybe, but it's not rude. But if all is medically well with you and your baby, you can exercise your option to leave a little bit early. Having any type of anesthesia can potentially cause a woman to feel nauseated, so there is still a small risk of aspiration even with epidurals or spinals, but the risk is relatively small. Comments Be the first to comment! In addition, the American Society of Anesthesiologists recently issued a statement urging doctors to allow healthy women to eat a light meal if they desire. This rule made sense back in the day, when women undergoing a cesarean delivery were given general anesthesia, which put them at greater risk for aspirating on their own vomit during the surgery.

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nude teens giving birth
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nude teens giving birth
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