A word opposite of domination

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Ryan has spent most of his career making video games and animating people running around beating people up. Whereas the utterance "night" in the first of the given passages refers the event to the plane of reminiscences, the "night" of the second passage presents a question in argument connected with the situation wherein the interlocutors are immediately involved, while the latter passage features its "night" in the form of a proposition of reason in the flow of admonitions. Because the OP presents this negative behavior as being that of a woman, directed at her husband, and because the sought word is specifically "for a woman," then of course most of the suggested words are going to be "perhaps a little sexist": Because I am looking for an English counterpart of a word that exists in another language that describes such a woman and not a man. Quite different in this respect is a nominal phrase — a compound signemic unit made up of words and denoting a complex phenomenon of reality analysable into its component elements together with various relations between them. It's a way to bring creative projects to life. A dominant personality need not be mean spirited.

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Jasper Apparently Rathony was thinking of "alpha bitch", but I'm not familiar with that term and don't think it's "obvious" at all.

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This applies to both women and men, though. Definition of domination Spanish Central: Objective connections reflect the relation of the object to the process and are characterised as, on the whole, very close. SuperBiasedMan Yeah, I think it's his, and before he opens his mouth to answer the question, the lady butts in and "does not allow her husband to speak by answering first. No, "high maintenance" refers to someone needing a lot of attention, or being emotionally needy - it's not primarily a financial thing although someone can, of course, require both! Kickstarter is not a store. Also includes a copy of the game with all stretch goals.

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a word opposite of domination
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a word opposite of domination
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