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A sparking pink ball of magic appeared at the end of her wand, which then shot at Mai, depleting her Life Points to 0. She rubbed her slit momentarily, then penetrated her with a finger. This took a moment to register in Mai's mind. The two women kissed again, this time with loving passion. Mai became louder as this went on, then felt Dark Magician Girl slide a finger inside of her.

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She placed a hand on Mai's stomach, and started to move it upwards slowly, just in case she would object.

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Mai walked up to it, the two locking eyes for a second, with the Duel Monster smiling at her. Maybe you should start taking off your clothes," she suggested naughtily. As Dark Magician Girl continued to play with her breasts, Mai stroked her legs, going inside her skirt to fondle her ass. She was sure that all the other times she'd faced the card before and gotten a look up her skirt, she'd been wearing pink panties. She was widely considered the biggest sex symbol in Duel Monsters, and most male duelists often fantasized about her.

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