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In a world where sex with children is no longer illegal, Kevin rents eleven year old Kate from her mother for the weekend, not realizing his world was about to change. She arched her back with a scream, both her hands gripping his head as her body shook. Her pink pussy glistened, beckoning him. She was far too tight for sex between them to be quick, but the way she slid up and down his cock slowly was exquisite. Of course, it allowed him to look at her lovely little body without having to hide it. And, he assumed, pubic hair. Mortified, he realized she was right.

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Slender, shapely legs and curved hips, unusual for her age, and the only thing missing were breasts.

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It leads them down a path that they would never have taken or even thought about taking. She swallowed his cock again, groaning in evident delight. She said she wanted me to do what I had done to her at the campsite. He gazed at her nude body and his cock twitched despite his fear. And, peeking from behind her, Kim. Then he bent his knees and lined up his cock behind her, and she understood.

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  1. The dude is [email protected] V1d4L and the two of them have like a dozen incredible scenes together.