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After all, when you don't think of sex as part of procreation, there's really only one explanation left as to why we have these weird dangly bits: Out of women presenting for infertility treatment in a teaching hospital in Sudan over a five-year period, 20 were diagnosed with pseudocyesis[ 19 ]. Understanding this delusion can help to understand other, more unusual false beliefs. AC, a single year-old woman, suffered from schizophrenia since age Four of the six had been pregnant before and likened their current experience of high prolactin levels to the feeling they had during past pregnancies. Specimen Preparation Anastatica hierochuntica L.

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The Trobrianders thought of sex as a sort of universal hobby and a way to pass the time.

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Tiwi women married very early -- in fact, they were often promised in marriage before they were even born. Women in many developing countries, cannot compensate for lack of children, as can women in the West, by succeeding in a career, or making money in business or going out to war. A service for women with schizophrenia. You see, the Tiwi believed in something called the Dreaminga sort of parallel world where one could travel through the three planes of existence -- unborn, living, and dead. Minimal three EDX spectrums were acquired for elemental characterization for each morphological feature identified.

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